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COVID-19 Pandemic Forces the Rescheduling of ARTJOG MMXX | time (to) wonder

18 April 2020

Following the enactment of the national emergency response period caused by Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, ARTJOG contemporary visual art festival has decided to postpone and reschedule its programs. Originally, the 2020 edition (MMXX), with time (to) wonder as its theme, would take place on July 23 - August 30. However, given the national health service crisis that has not yet improved, and the impact of a global pandemic that is still very hard to predict until the next few months, Heri Pemad Management (HPM), as the organizer of ARTJOG, will shift the event of ARTJOG Arts in Common MMXX | time (to) wonder to 2021, and at the same time launches an 'emergency response edition' that aims to respond to situation that hits Indonesia recently.

Time to wonder

"This is a decision that we must take with heavy heart in this difficult time," said the CEO of HPM, as well as executive director of ARTJOG, Heri Pemad. "I think everyone recognizes that during the past dozen years ARTJOG has become a visual art event eagerly anticipated by national and international art audiences every year. Since the official closing of last year's edition of ARTJOG (on August 23, 2019), HPM teams and curators have been devoting our energy and thoughts to organize this year's festival, but the situation in various (social, economic, political, cultural) sectors forces us to postpone our plans. For that, we offer our sincere apologies to all the supporters of ARTJOG, as well as the artists whom we have invited to participate in this year's festival. "

On February 28, 2020, in our event of socialization held at the Jogja National Museum, ARTJOG has launched the theme of this year's festival edition: time (to) wonder. On that occasion, one of the curators of ARTJOG, Agung Hujatnikajennong re-explained his idea of ARTJOG Arts in Common as a series of festivals which, "...each festival would focus on the matter of 'space', 'time' and 'awareness' for its three editions organizing every year (from 2019 to 2021). The three editions festival is, basically, tied by one major theme, namely 'Arts in Common', and carrying annual sub-theme that would complement each other.

Last year, ARTJOG MMXIX common | space successfully organized an exhibition and public programs that drew attention of the audience. Such edition records the highest visiting record in the history of ARTJOG, with 101,500 visitors from Indonesia and abroad (within 30 days) attended. "Most of the works in the exhibition of common | space question the ecological crisis caused by human domination of natural habitat and other living things. Meanwhile, with time (to) wonder, we want to invite artists and audiences to interpret 'time' as a philosophical subject matter throughout the history of human culture. I hope this theme will provoke deep contemplation of how humans interpret the past, present and the future," continued Agung.

Since its inception, ARTJOG Arts in Common has been deliberately conceived as an event that responds to issues contextual in this day and age. And the ARTJOG curator team feel that the crisis, faced by all citizens of the world these days, actually can be a big momentum for all practitioners of the arts to take a moment to pause, to think more clearly, critically and reflectively about routine pattern that we’ve been doing so far.

"Indeed, rescheduling at first caused by technical obstacles. But by thinking deeper, we believe that this crisis can actually encourage us to act more creatively, to think outside the box," explained a curator who is also one of ARTJOG founders, Bambang Toko Witjaksono. While another member of the curator team, Ignatia Nilu added, "Even though this decision was driven by force majeure, the delay in fact accidentally 'confirms' what we mean by time (to) wonder as our curatorial theme this year. Maybe this crisis would give us ‘time’ to wonder, think and reflect. For example, what can we contribute to the world in today's situation? "

Although the schedule for organizing the festival shifted, the formation of artists in ARTJOG MMXX | time (to) wonder will not change. "Almost all of the artists that we’ve invited since the beginning of this year have confirmed to participate in the event. Last week, we have also written back to them and informed them about the rescheduling. We also asserted that they would remain involved in the exhibition next year, except if they want to resign for some reason. Next year, ARTJOG will still take place at the Jogja National Museum, "said Ditya Sariastuti, Deputy CEO of HPM. Next year, ARTJOG will also try to maintain some of their mainstay programs such as Special Presentation, Young Artists Awards, Daily Performance, LeksiKon, Meet the Artists, etc., besides devising some new programs that, hopefully, would be a surprise to the audience.

ARTJOG Emergency Response Edition

The crisis of national health service, caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic, has indeed encouraged the Indonesian government to take a number of policies that limit the space for creative workers, including visual artists and exhibition organizers. This crisis severely hits the economy of visual art, which has been relying on exhibition as the distribution channel for its products. Although counted as a party significantly affected by this crisis, ARTJOG fully supports the government's policy to impose any rule or restriction during the national emergency response period.

However, on the other hand, ARTJOG also still believes that artists are the ones who have never known the word “surrender” before such crisis. History has proven, repeatedly, how great works can actually be born in the midst of various complex humanitarian crises. Therefore, HPM and ARTJOG curator team are currently developing new ideas to hold a special event to run this year. This activity aims to illustrate how the creativity of the artists cannot be easily defeated by a crisis. We will share the details of this special edition of ARTJOG program shortly.

Finally, this crisis will not forever produce pessimism and grim atmosphere, because there is always a glimpse of light, even in the darkest moment. For this reason, ARTJOG wants to appeal to all of us: Let's continue to work and pray together, for a better Indonesia and a better World.

Yogyakarta, 18 April 2020

Heri Pemad Manajemen

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Press Release Closing ARTJOG MMXIX

25 August 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019, ARTJOG MMXIX, an International Contemporary Art Festival, was officially ended. For 32 days, ARTJOG MMXIX - Arts in Common: common | space successfully presented 122 works from 39 artists from Indonesia an abroad in Jogja National Museum.

The closing event began with the announcement of the winner for Gotong Royong Murakabi Auction. This auction project started from 31 July until 18 August 2019 and done through the website as an effort to support Murakabi movement. Three artworks were auctioned. The first artwork is ‘Gotong Royong Murakabi’, a Spedagi Rodacilik/Minivelo bike designed by Singgih S. Kartono dan customized by Indiguerillas, Sindhu Prasastyo (Sapu Upcycle) and Lulu Lutfi Labibi. The second work is ‘Es Campur’, a Sedan chair designed by Singgih S. Kartono with seat cover customized by Indiguerillas. The last is ‘The Klompencapir’, KuBo Magno wooden radio designed by Singgih S. Kartono with fabric cover customized by Indiguerillas. Anas Alimi announced to be the highest bidder for all of the artworks.

ARTJOG MMXIX finally closed with thanksgiving and gratitude from Heri Pemad (Director of ARTJOG) for everyone who supports; artists and creators who participated, BEKRAF (Indonesian Creative Economy Agency), Dinas Kebudayaan DIY (Cultural Office of Yogyakarta Province), Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and to all sponsors and partners, art enthusiasts, and to every festivals in Yogyakarta and surrounds. Especially for more than 100.000 visitors from all over the place during ARTJOG MMXIX.

The closing party began and enlivened by special performances from Yura Yunita, Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation Jazz Version and Megahits Selection. See you at ARTJOG MMXX - Arts In Common July 23 - August 30, 2020.

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10 August 2019

ARTJOG MMXIX, in its function as a means of public education, will present a new program called LeksiKon. LeksiKon is a project that aims to present artist talk as a educational presentation that’s creative, performative, experimental and, most importantly; inspiring a wide audience.

The initial inspiration for LeksiKon is a practice popularly called ‘lecture performance’: a performative presentation/course that goes beyond academic presentation formats (seminar, symposium, and lecture). This hybrid medium uses narration/storytelling, reportage, mass media, internet, commercial, digital image, musical instrument, sound, kinetic object, etc. on stage.

Performing artists often uses lecture model with slide or educational video to explore unexpected relationships between image and text, or between consensus and fact, between imagination and reality to present contradictive and provocative ideas—not just a narration that’s linier, reasonable, didactic, argumentative/persuasive and orderly.

LeksiKon will become a regular event during ARTJOG Arts in Common (until 2021). Its first edition Supported by Deputy of Research, Education and Development of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF). 8 selected artists will participate in three day workshop (July 27-29, 2019) at Teater Garasi facilitated by Agung Hujatnika (curator of ARTJOG MMXIX) and accompanied by Gunawan Maryanto and Arsita Iswardhani as consultant of dramatic structure.

held on Friday, August, 9, 2019 and Saturday, August 10, 2019, at 18.30. On that day, there will be opening speech by Agung Hujatnika and Ir. Wawan Rusiawan MM as Deputy of Research, Education, and Development of Indonesia =n Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) and LeksiKon, then, wants to develop artist talk as a separate artistic medium. Although format of lecture performance is still possible, LeksiKon hopes that the result of this workshop can go beyond and expand the existing formats.

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ARTJOG MMXIX Announces 3 Artists Receiving YOUNG ARTIST AWARD at Opening Night

26 July 2019

ARTJOG MMXIX was officially opened on Thursday, July 25, 2019. This year ARTJOG is firmly re-positioning itself as an International Contemporary Art Festival (Yogyakarta International Contemporary Art Festival). State officials, artists and art lovers, partners and colleagues, as well as media crews from various cities and countries attended the occasion, preceded by VIP and Media Preview in the afternoon.

In the evening, the opening ceremony began with the speech of Heri Pemad (Director of ARTJOG), followed by the announcement of the Young Artist Award (YAA) winner. The YAA program is designed as a token of appreciation and an attempt to explore young artists’ potentials and insights, extending their networks and trajectories of art career.

In addition to working with the Yogyakarta Cultural Office in this year’s YAA program, ARTJOG is also working with MACAN Museum Foundation in MACAN Foundation Artist Residency. Integrated with the YAA, this program is facilitating research phases and artistic explorations of the 2019 YAA recipient artists through residencies in Australia, Germany, and Japan.

Three out of 13 young aspiring artists received the Young Artist Award: Andrita Yuniza (Bandung) with "Whirlwind of Time", Enka Komariah (Yogyakarta) with "Juxtapose # 1", and Natasha Tontey (Jakarta) with "Hama Memberkati/Pest to Power".

The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati then gave her speech, expressing her appreciation to all the parties involved in this event. "ARTJOG has been organized for eleven years, from art fair initially to a festival; it is an extraordinary step ahead, making it the venue for all art stakeholders to interact with each other—both artists who express themselves and art lovers; those who come to appreciate them. It represents a good movement to strengthen art ecosystems in Indonesia, with appreciations for young artists under the age of 35 and their extraordinary works. In my heart I’ve always admired all the works in their various materializations. In art there is no judgement of what is best and what is not, what is right and what is wrong; art is a democratic expression," she declared, thus officially inaugurating ARTJOG MMXIX.

The celebration continued with a festive fashion performance of Lulu Lutfi Labibi for Murakabi and musical performances by Dewa Budjana and friends. ARTJOG MMXIX - Arts In Common: common | space takes place from July 25-August 25, 2019, at the Jogja National Museum. More detailed information can be found on the website

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ARTJOG MMXIX: Contemporary Arts Festival As A Common Space

24 July 2019

ARTJOG 2019 (then abbreviated as ARTJOG MMXIX) will be held on July 25 until August 25, 2019. In its 12th year, ARTJOG would position itself as Yogyakanow rta International Contemporary Art Festival and still pick Jogja National Museum (JNM) as its venue.

From 2019 to 2021, ARTJOG would be framed in a big theme, Arts In Common. Such theme, then, would be implemented in sub-theme in three editions of festival every year. This year ARTJOG MMXIX uses common|space as its theme. Such theme would interpret ARTJOG as a common space for everyone.

There are 39 (individual or group) artists from domestic and abroad participating in ARTJOG MMXIX. Also, Special Project would involve 5 interdisciplinary artists who were being chosen directly. They are Handiwirman Saputra, Riri Reza, Sunaryo, Teguh Ostenrik and Piramida Gerilya (a collaborative project between Indieguerillas and Singgih S. Kartono).

ARTJOG also provides an opportunity for young artists to get involved in the event through open call application. As an appreciation for their effort in creating works, ARTJOG presents Young Artist Award program. Through this program ARTJOG would give awards to the best young artists under 35 who participate in ARTJOG. This program is devised to develop the potency and the insight of young artist, and also to extend their network and career path in art world.

This year, beside cooperating with Dinas Kebudayaan DIY (Cultural Office DIY), ARTJOG has an opportunity to collaborate with Yayasan Museum Macan (a non profit organization focusing on Art and Education) in presenting a residency grant for the chosen artist. It is a grant to support young artist to develop their career by doing a research and artistic exploration abroad.

Young Artist Award involves Fumio Nanjo (Director of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan), Aaron Seeto (Director of Macan Museum), Natasha Sidharta (Director of IndoArtNow) and curatorial team of ARTJOG MMXIX common|space as the team of jury members. The shortlist of the chosen nominees 2019 are Agung Prabowo, Agnes Christina, Andrita Orbamdi, Enka Komariah, Etza Meisyara, M. Lugas Silabus, Natasha Tontey, Patrick Hartono, Riono Tanggul Nusantara, Robet & Olga, Supattanawadee Muanta (Thailand), Tim Woodward (Australia) and Wiyoga Muhardanto.

As a festival, ARTJOG finalizes the theme framework in its presentation. Public involvement in this common space is also manifested in programming in the presentation of ARTJOG MMXIX.

Daily Performance Program is a space for various practices and interpretations of contemporary arts which are not limited to one art medium. This year, Daily Performance involves some selectors who have unique practice and interpretation in performing arts, like Ayu Permatasari, Rully Shabara and Rangga Dwi Apraiadnur. By involving 88 (individual or group) performers, this program aims to show its own unique color in its presentation. Daily Performance Program is supported by Djarum Foundation and also in collaboration with Goethe Institute and Nusasonic, and Erasmus Huis.

Through ARTJOG Educational Program like Meet Thr Artist, Curatorial Tour and LeksiKon, the meeting space for art public and general public will be expanded. Meet The Artist Program will be held once a week on Wednesday, and Curatorial Tour Program will be held on every Tuesday and Friday without additional charge. This year, ARTJOG MMXIX presents a new program called LeksiKon. This program is a public education presentation in a creative, and performative format, different from other talkshows. By combining artists' lecture with workshop, audience will gain a different experience from watching a performing art and audiovisual spectacle of 10 chosen visual artists.

As an effort to provide an interactive space between artist and wider public, Merchandise Project will use different approach compared to previous years. Collaborating with some group artists like HONF Foundation, Afdruk 56 and RAR Edition, various workshops will be presented as a way to enliven this program and to expand the meeting space.

ARTJOG MMXIX will be officiated by Sri Mulyani (Minister Of Finance Of Indonesia). Also in order to make it more festive, Dewa Bujana will entertain audience.

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ARTJOG MMXIX: common|spaces

Art as A Common Space

11 July 2019

The Kasultanan Ballroom, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta. The contemporary art event ARTJOG the 12th is returning this July 25th to August 25th, 2019. ARTJOG 2019 (hereafter ARTJOG MMXIX) is re-occupying the Jogja National Museum (JNM) to hold its programs.

Throughout its journey, ARTJOG has always been striving to create for the public as wide spaces of encounter as possible through artistic activities. The event, having successfully crafted an image of joyful and enlightening festivity, is confident it to affirm its position as an international contemporary art festival.

To strengthen its long-term vision as a regular event, ARTJOG is projecting a big theme that will overarch the implementation of its future editions. From 2019 to 2021, ARTJOG international contemporary art festival belongs to a major theme of "Arts in Common" that will be translated into three curatorial sub-themes in the upcoming three annual editions of the festival.

ARTJOG MMXIX exhibition raises the curatorial sub-theme "common | spaces", presenting works that question the "shared spaces" in our daily lives. With the participations of nearly forty artists (individuals and groups) from Indonesia and abroad (including Austria, Australia, Philippines, and Singapore), this exhibition comprises the works selected through several schemes. A number of young artists are selected through an open call application while most artists are selected through special invitations. Also, a special project will be presented by five cross-disciplinary artists, namely Handiwirman Saputra, Riri Riza, Sunaryo, Teguh Ostenrik, and Piramida Gerilya (a collaborative project of Indieguerillas and Singgih S. Kartono).

ARTJOG MMXIX maintains its several educational exhibition programs, such as Meet the Artist and Curatorial Tour, adding LeksiKon as a new one that presents performative artist talks. The involvement of creators from broader art disciplines is accommodated in Daily Performance and Merchandise Project. All of these programs are designed and managed to heighten the intensity of the public’s involvement while broadening their horizon in terms of the theme proposed.

Ultimately, ARTJOG MMXIX common | spaces is an attempt to make art a common learning space.

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