Through Open Call Application, ART|JOG provides an opportunity for any artist and public to participate by sending their works that will be selected and curated by curator of ART|JOG. And at the same time it is also a way to scout the best talents of young artists since this program would accept any kind of medium; from painting, graphic, photograph, installation, multi-dimension, sculpture, mechanic-kinetic until performance art. With this program ART|JOG attempts to respond the scintillating development of local and global fine art market.


One of ART|JOG's specialties is the makeover of front yard of the place where the exhibition is held to a really new and different look every year. ART|JOG commissions an individual or a group of artists to make over the front face of building and/or the front yard, where the exhibition is held, according to curatorial theme. Commission Works is the icon of ART|JOG and surely it has always been center of public attention.


Young Artist Award is an award for the best young artists participating in ART|JOG, who are 33 years old or less. This program is planned as an appreciation of their artistic endeavor. Hopefully this program can develop the potency and the discourse of those young artists and also to expand their networks and their career.


This supporting program is planned to 'satisfy' the curiosity and the question that the audiences have. The curator team of ART|JOG will guide the audience throughout the exhibition room and explain the pieces displayed there. Hopefully, this program can be a part of public education.


The audience might wonder the mind of the artist and how they create their piece. This program facilitates such need by having a direct discussion, sharing ideas and inspirations, with the artist involved in ART|JOG.


Merchandise Project is one of our supporting programs to presents a broader market for the communities and artists in Yogyakarta to showcase and trade their signature works


To better accommodate the richness of our artistic heritage and traditions, ART|JOG launching a special program which dubbed as Daily Performances. The program encompasses a wide array of artistic creations such as: musical performance, performance art, dances and many more. We have curated a lists of artists and groups to showcase their work of arts on every weekends.