ARTJOG has been dedicating itself to build a network of contemporary visual art at local stage and also at global stage. ARTJOG also commits to present the best works from the invited artists picked by ARTJOG.

Aside from that, ARTJOG also provides a big opportunity for the artist and the public to participate in the event through Open Call Application, and the curator team of ARTJOG will pick the best ones. Open Call Application also become a way to scout the talent of the best young artists. As a space to accommodate the variety of the works and the development of global art market, the artist can send the works in any medium they choose. ARTJOG accepts the variety of works; a painting, a graphic, a photograph, a multidimension installation, a sculpture, a mechanic kinetic until a performance art.


In this program, ARTJOG would work with an (individual or a group of) artist to present the works as the main attraction for public, and as the icon of ARTJOG. The artist that ARTJOG picks has an assignment to present the works that responds to the exhibition building according to the theme of ARTJOG. By picking different theme and artist each year, hopefully ARTJOG can provide a visual presentation that’s always different and surpising.


Young Artist Award is an award for the best young artists participating in ARTJOG, who are 33 years old or less. This program is set up as an appreciation of their artistic endeacor. And also as an attempt to develop the potency and the insight of those young artists in expanding their networks and their career.


Meet The Artist facilitates the public to meet and to talk directly to the artists who involved in ARTJOG. This program encourages an exchange of knowledge and a dialogue between the artist and the public of art.


Through this program, the curator team of ARTJOG would guide the audience throughout the exhibition room. The curator team would also explain the concept and the context of the works displayed there. This program is intended as a way to bring the works closer to their public, and also a means of public education.



In this program ARTJOG attempts to present the contiguity of various art forms through performing arts. ARTJOG would invite an established individual or a group of artist with a good reputation to celebrate ARTJOG.


A contemporary art is no longer about a particular medium. Many artists use interdisciplinary and various mediums to present their works. Therefore, ARTJOG always provides a space, through a program called Daily Performance, for such variety of other art forms like music, performing arts and dance. Some artists and groups of artist have been curated to present their best presentations to the public everyday during the event.


ARTJOG invites some artists and creative workers to make and to market their products to a wider public. Therefore, anybody can celebrate ARTJOG.