ARTJOG will be held again in Yogyakarta on May 4 until June 4, 2018 at Jogja National Museum (JNM). The place is chosen regarding the historical value it has, it used to be the building of AkademiSeniRupa Indonesia, and it also enables artists to explore every corner of exhibition room. JNM also provides the use of room beyond the usual exhibition room, it offers wider possibilities for various other programs aside from the main program.

This year, ARTJOG picks Enlightenment: Toward Various Future as its theme. Here, enlightenment is interpreted as a momentum that can free human from the isolation of the cult and the triumph of rationality. By taking the spirit of enlightenment, hopefully art can strengthen the critical point of view in regarding the reality with all its problems around us; encouraging us not to use the singular point of view in order to be able to stare at and to deliver human beings into the various future.

As the exhibition and the celebration of contemporary art, this time there are 54 artists would participate in it (some of them are from Philippines, Singapore, Australia and China). The list of participating artists posted on ARTJOG website www.artjog.co.id.

This time the Commission Artist that ARTJOG picks is Mulyana. The Curator Team believes that Mulyana, during the last three years, shows himself as a young artist who keeps on revealing his best potential through his craft. He also keeps on exploring the ideas and possibilities of what he can do. About how most of us take interest in the surface and anything on it, while, at the same time, forgetting what’s on the beneath. Using fictional or real characters under the sea, with their own beauty and eeriness, he reminds us of that. He wants to talk about something bigger, the need to dig deeper; broadening the horizon of our understanding, scratching the surface. Those the reasons why he deserves to represent the theme of ARTJOG this year.