JOGJA NATIONAL MUSEUM, MAY 4th, 2018. ARTJOG Enlightenment is officially opened. VIP and Media Preview kick-started the series of opening event in the noon at Jogja National Museum with the attendance of the government officials, the sponsors, the partners, the collectors, the media partners and ARTJOG colleagues from various cities and countries. Mella Jaarsma, the participant artist and also one of the jury of YAA 2018, presented her performance project called Binds & Blinds. She interacted and asked the audience to collect the photo of their navel. In the other room, Ryan Francis Reyes from Ronald Ventura Curatorial Team is having a talk about what's behind the work of Ronald Ventura. Ronald Ventura is a Special Presentation of ARTJOG 2018. "It's been a pleasure for Ryan to be able to attend the opening of ARTJOG this year," said Ignatia Nilu, the curator team of ARTJOG. The other interesting work is Healing Garden (Yogyakarta) by Hiromi Tango, a Japanese artist who's been living in Australia for the last 20 years. The performance and the flower making interactive workshop attracting so many audiences. Meanwhile, on the third floor, there's a dance performance by Nimas Dwi and Muslimin Bagus Pranowo.

At 7 PM, all the invited guest and thousands of audiences gathered to watch the opening ceremony of ARTJOG 2018. Heri Pemad as the director of ARTJOG started it with giving a warm welcome to everyone, and then the announcement of the winners of Young Artist Award ARTJOG 2018 consisting of Meliantha Muliawan (Jakarta, Indonesia), Bandu Darmawan (Bandung, Indonesia) and Fajar Abadi (Bandung, Indonesia).

The Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, in his greeting read by Didik Purwadi as the Assistant of Specialty of Special Region of Yogyakarta, said that "Art is long, while life is short. The life of art is forever. It seems that this saying is still relevant to depict the journey of ARTJOG as the annual visual art event that's not only open the opportunity of the art market but more than that, it is a cultural event that refers to the latest development of art in Indonesia and worldwide." Triawan Munaf, the Head of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia) agreed with that notion, he said, "ARTJOG is also an art event dedicated to build a contemporary visual art network on a local level and at the same time also a global art market. Through this big event, we want to prove that Indonesian artworks are deserved to have an opportunity to be appreciated on a global scale."

The opening night of ARTJOG 2018 was also celebrated by the performance of Pernak Pernik Sruti Respati and Bintang Indriwanto, Woro Mustiko Siwi with Keroncongisme and a collaboration of Kua Etnika and Endah Laras that succeeded in asking Triawan Munaf and Heri Pemad to dance on the stage. ARTJOG-Enlightenment will be held until June 4th, 2018, presenting the works of 54 artists from Indonesia and overseas, and also various performances every day. For further information about program and agenda, please visit: www.artjog.co.id.