ARTJOG 2018: A Celebration for All

This year ARTJOG will be running for the eleventh times. This annual contemporary art event will be held on May 4 – June 4, 2018 at Jogja National Museum.


Enlightenment – Towards Various Futures is the theme that we pick this year. Enlightenment, we believe, is more than just a definition and something that can happen time after time. Because enlightenment actually is any effort or attempt to cast out the darkness, to bring anyone, who gets trapped in the darkness, into the light.

There have been many—and there must be many more—enlightenment moments, because there are still some dark areas in the states or human. For example, the ones occupied by ethnocentrism, ultra-nationalism, fundamentalism, or anything that begets violence and ignores the principals of humanity. And, like what we have already known, art has the ability to bring enlightenment and hope.

54 artists involved in this event, the invited and the selected ones—from domestic and abroad. The selection process we ran to pick them all regards the compatibility of curatorial concept, the newness of the ideas, and the exploration on method of presenting the work.

ARTJOG is a bargaining in observing the inseparable ties between the art experimentation, the art history and the art reception. Enlightenment is an effort to make explicit such tight ties in the reality and the challenge of global digital culture that we face today. With Enlightenment as the theme, we want to invite the artists to define the interactivity and the reflection, the ethical and the aesthetic through the revolution of (renewal) renewable art, through the communication of art, knowledge, art history and the spirit of contemporariness itself.

Commission Work

This year we pick Mulyana as the Commission Artist. During the last three years, Mulyana has been presenting himself as a young artist who keeps on showing his best potency through the art of craft and the hand skills. Aside from that, he also never stops exploring the idea and the possibility of what he can do.

Through his work, Mulyana wants to present the atmosphere of the underwater world in the front yard of JNM; a fresh approach. The title of his work is Sea Remembers, in which he presents a series of knitting with shape of colourful corals and reefs attached to the skeleton of a whale, and a group of fishes with shape like an explosion of an atomic bomb.

Mulyana wants to present a reflection of things that we’re afraid of as a form of nescience and at the same time to invite us to dive deeper, to see the problems not as something more than just the surface.

Special Program

As an art event, ARTJOG doesn’t want to limit itself as a visual arts event only. This time we will present something great, CERITA ANAK (Child’s Story), an immersive theatre performance by Papermoon Puppet Theater (Indonesia) and Polyglot Theatre (Australia) for children aged 2-8 y.o (with their companion) and in Indonesia it will be the first performance ever.

Taking inspiration from an old story from Lasem, this wordless presentation would place some audience right at the centre of stage as the passengers on a journey of crossing the wilderness of the sea, tossed around by the waves, diving and listening to the story that drowned in the bottom of the sea. It is a show that offers an unforgettable visual and physical experience.

This presentation in Yogyakarta is the result of cooperation between Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Polyglot Theatre, Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja, dan ARTJOG. This show is fully supported by Dinas Kebudayaan DIY, Australia-Indonesian Institute, Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, dan The City of Melbourne.

Side Programs

We will continue to present the program of Curatorial Tour and Meet the Artist as our responsibility to do public education so that the knowledge of the artworks can be spread out and not focused only to some particular groups. This year we will do Curatorial Tour in more sessions and more time schedules.

Inspired by the art practice that has been running for a long time in Jogjakarta, where any artist can elegantly move from one art form to the others, ARTJOG is an event for any kind of art form, as an art event supported by various kinds of art, and celebrated by everybody. That’s what program of Daily Performance is, where there will be 83 performers with their various presentations like music, performing arts, theatre and dance for every single day during ARTJOG.

And also, let’s not forget the Merchandise Project in this ARTJOG; an embodiment of collaborative spirit of Indonesia creative workers. There will be 79 institutions, communities and artists that will make and market their creative products to a broader public.

Thus, ARTJOG can fulfil its function as a space to share; sharing knowledge and aesthetic experience, and also the newest development in art. It is an event for everybody to enjoy and celebrate.