2017 : Changing Perspective 2016 : Universal Influence 2015 : Infinity In Flux 2014 : Legacies Of Power 2013 : Maritime Culture 2012 : Looking East - A Gaze Upon Indonesian Contemporary Art 2011 2010 : The Strategies Of Being 2009 : Jogja Art Fair #2 2008 : Jogja Art Fair #1

As an art event, ARTJOG has been dedicating itself for 10 years to build a local network and creates a worldwide connection of visual arts communities. This spirit is one of our drives and consciousness to be more carefully seeing an opportunity, and be responsible to accommodate expansion, presentation, and distribution of art knowledge to the public from time to time.

Here we present a scheme of story line and chronology of the development of visual art’s practice and perspective managed by ARTJOG since 2008 until 2017.