Commission Works

Wedhar Riyadi

Wedhar Riyadi - one of the stars in Indonesian contemporary art scene. Born in 1980 in Yogyakarta, he obtained bachelor degree on Fine Arts from the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta. Wedhar was once involved in activities with a comic community named Daging Tumbuh dan Apotik Komik Yogyakarta. He actively participates in local and international exhibitions, projects, and residencies. This time, Wedhar is chosen as the commissioned artist of ART|JOG|10.

Aside from large scale oil and acrylic paintings, his practice revolves around wider range of mediums, namely drawing, mural, comic, sticker, poster, illustration, clothing, and toys. He is part of the generation who enjoys and recreates the ideas of juxtaposition. Through his artistic practice, Wedhar attempts to represent the generation of artists whose works challenge the traditional borders in visual arts and popular culture.

In the last few years, Wedhar has been doing an artistic shift. He was focusing on the impacts of violence and conflict, as well as domestication issues. Generally, Wedhar is circling round humanity aspects.

Floating Eyes

The idea about advanced technology and social networking has an influence in every change, including in developing open-minded society with the freedom to participate in public space. On the other hand, we have always felt like we are being watched by ‘particular media' in everywhere we go. This is possible as the creation of social media applications (instagram, facebook, twittter, line, etc) that are attributed with internet connection. Even in applications that activate the global positioning system (GPS) function, the information about our location can be seen accurately. We can see other people's activities just by looking at the screen of our phone/gadget.

The idea in the development of this work is to transform the front yard of Jogja National Museum/ART|JOG into a public space, such as park or playground which can be accessed by the visitor. This can facilitate people to gather and enjoy the space as a landscape to play, imagine, relax, and even perform or just sit around and talk, and most importantly to maintain social interaction.

The shape of the space is in form of park/pool, surrounded by sculpture artworks. The water in the surface of the pool is modified to be wavy and splashing by using sound effect. The reflection as well as the movement of the water enables the visitor to see the reflection of the surrounding and themselves. Sculptures in form of stacking and floating eyeballs seems like they are on the watch.

Young Artist Award

Since 2013, Young Artist Award has become one of ART|JOG's main agenda. This competition is devoted to young participants in ART|JOG, mainly those below 33 years old.

This year, ART|JOG|10 put forward "Changing Perspective" as the theme. We might interpret the term more deeply, not just "changing room" and shifting from old room to a new one, but also "changing the paradigm". Paradigm is an agreed perspective which is collectively used by the environment or a particular group. Changing the paradigm means to shift the way of thinking.

In using the paradigm transformation perspective, judges have assessed the works sent by artists on ART|JOG|10 Young Artist Award. If the familiarity of medium is exceeded by the pluralism of art practice and uniqueness of culture, ‘pseudo-pluralism' or contrived diversity will automatically be exceeded by the sanity of searching by artists who not only wish to "change room". In other words, they were consciously attempting to reach out to new perspectives.

There are two distinguish artworks chosen as the winner of the Young Artist Award for ART|JOG|10.

1. Random and Constant (Oblique), 2017, Bagus Pandega.

2. Tubifex Landscape, 2017, Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi.

Special Project

Holding the event at historical site of Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI) encourages ART|JOG to honor RJ. Katamsi-an artist and one of the founders and the president director of Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI), the first fine arts campus in Indonesia,in 1950. ASRI made his statue in 1970, but it was moved to Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) in 2004. ART|JOG works with the artist Wahyu Santoso to build this 2.5-meter- tall statue made of bronze and it erected at Jogja National Museum.