Agus Suwage

Born 1959 Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia




Graphic Design At Bandung Institute Of Technology, Faculty Of Fine Art And Design, Bandung, Indonesia


Selected Solo Exhibition


“Room of Mine”, Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York, NY, USA


"◄◄ !!►► Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia 2013 "Cycle No. 3" Arndt Cotemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

"Cycle No. 2" Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York, Usa 2012 "Daur" Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


"The End Is Just Beginning Is The End" Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York, Usa


"Circl3", Singapore Tyler Print Institute Gallery, Singapore

"Still Crazy After All These Years", Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Selected Group Exhibition


“ART|JOG|10: Changing Perspective”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“Art Basel Hong Kong”, Nadi Gallery, Indonesia


“ART Stage Jakarta”, Semarang Gallery, Indonesia

“Costume National: Contemporary Art from Indonesia”, AXENÉO7, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada and Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (through May 21).

“Manifesto V: Arus”, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (through May 30).

“ART|JOG|9 – Universal Influence”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"A Touch For The Now" Mona Inner Space, Poznan, Poland


"After Utopia" Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

"#Family and friends" Roh Projects, Equity Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Celebration Of Love"; Art & Collectables Auction For A Cause, Singapore


"Prospect New Orleans" New Orleans, Usa

"Legacies Of Power" Art Jog 2014, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Art Stage Singapore" Nadi Gallery, Singapore.




Phillip Morris Indonesian Art Award



1999 - 2000

Artist In Residence In "Sai-No-Kuni" Saitama, The Museum Of Modern Art, Koshigaya-Shi Saitama, Japan


Artist In Residence In Stpi, Singapore


Artist In Residence In Qut, Brisbane, Australia

Anatomy of Desire #2

Variable dimensions | Oil on cow skin
price for each piece


Kulit adalah representasi dari bagian luar. Sesuatu yang nampak kasat mata namun seringkali berbeda pengertiannya dengan yang inti. Kulit hanyalah bungkus. Seringkali kita terkecoh melihat suatu hal hanya berdasar penampakan kulit luarnya saja, padahal pada bagian dalam di sebalik kulit kita akan mendapati banyak sekali pemahaman yang lebih kompleks dan bermakna. Suatu inti yang lebih hakiki dan senantiasa mengandung misteri.


Skin is a representation of the outside part. Something tangible but its meaning is different than the core. Skin is only a cover. Oftentimes we get fooled for watching something based on its outer skin, whereas on the inside, beneath the skin, we would find the more complex and meaningful comprehension. A core that’s more intrinsic and always contains the mystery.